By production of any product from concrete special forms are used. They can be purchased ready-made or do it yourself. Forms for concrete give it the necessary form and size.

Therefore, their use is desirable and even necessary. Forms for concrete are needed to bring him the required size and shape. For the manufacture of forms for pouring concrete used modern types of materials. This ensures the creation of the product pavement tiles, artificial stone, monuments with accurate transfer of the necessary texture. For the manufacture of concrete products used forms of two types: It can be plastic forms for concrete, they are the most common.

Their main characteristic should be shock resistance and alkali resistance. Only with such conditions the products will be of the required quality. Making a shape for concrete with your own hands is not difficult at all. To do this, you must have such materials and tools. Silicone mold can be used for the production of artificial stone from concrete mix. If it became necessary to make a form for concrete in order to fill in piles or curb, then this form is made of wooden planks. It can be collapsible.

Before starting this form for concrete is completely soaked in ordinary water, then the solution will not stick. This method of using the mold for concrete with their own hands is used when it is necessary to pour a large number of identical products. Often, when it is not possible to use a wooden structure, the form for pouring is done in the ground.

To do this, a hole of the required size is dug in the ground, sand is poured at the bottom and moistened, filled with mortar. After that, time is given for freezing. In order to prevent the concrete from cracking when drying, it must be periodically moistened with water, especially when there is summer heat in the yard. For the manufacture of monuments of concrete, you can also use homemade forms.

Forms for monuments are made of wood, plastic, foam or rubber. It directly depends on the fantasy. Some craftsmen use sand molds for children or useless dishes, buckets, cans. Forms for concrete are suitable for the manufacture of paving slabs, decorative panels of stone or for pouring curly products such as vases, coasters, garden vases. Forms for artificial stone should be elastic, and it is best to buy them ready.

Polyurethane forms are most suitable for such manufacturing, as the face of the fill will have a pattern that is typical of stone. True, the process of concrete preparation is different from the preparation of concrete for paving slabs. The fact is that the artificial stone should be light, even the most flimsy wall can withstand it. The form for concrete, which is made by hand for piece goods, can last for a long time, it can withstand about three hundred fillings.

Factory forms are not cheap, so it’s best to do everything with your own hands. So you will get pleasure from work and savings in the family budget. If you need to do something in a single copy, then the form for concrete pouring is made of foam. This material is not deficient, so you can even make a trial version of the form.

The only drawback of this form for concrete is that when extracting the finished thing, it has to be broken. But can this disadvantage be compared with the fact that the product will turn out figured and, if necessary, with a convex pattern.

And this is its dignity. Especially if the path is lined not with a tile that is familiar to the eyes, but with curly leaves of a tree. Bicycle old tires are always thrown away, but for the master it is a great form for pouring concrete, if you need to make a concrete circle. The main thing – to include fantasy. The manufacture of concrete products of various configurations is laborious. It requires not only imagination, but also time and effort. It may be easier for someone to buy a ready-made casting mold, although you can try to make it yourself.

Ideas for creating something original are in the air, you just need to be able to see them. Much of what a person buys prepared foods, cakes and cake. Sold in plastic containers. Such containers can perfectly replace the ready form for pouring a concrete product, for example, paving slabs.

There is another good idea. Plastic granules that are used to make bottles. They can be added to the concrete solution, and you get the original paving slabs, almost a mosaic. Stencils of the required form are created from the laminated board. In order to purchase it, you can simply go to the sawing shop. From such material it is possible to make triangular and other forms of geometric shapes. In order to make a shape for a rectangular fill, something like a drawer is assembled.

All parts are assembled with screws or other fasteners that are at hand. This will allow the form to be used more than once. In the middle of the box, partitions are made in such a way that several molds of the desired size are obtained.

The assembled box is wrapped with a film for food products, which will allow not to waste time on getting the finished product, and the film will prevent sticking on the concrete form. Of course, everyone would like to do something unlike other products, but if a person is new to this business, it will be difficult for him to lay out a path from an unusual tile shape. First you should try tile with smooth edges. Children’s sand tins are a great way to create a pattern on paving slabs.

Such products can be laid out the edges of the track. If you want to make your yard original, you should not rush for ready-made forms for pouring concrete. This information gives a hint how to do everything yourself and with a minimum of cash investments. If a person is not yet a master in concrete casting of complex shapes, then the following idea will be useful to him.

This is a figure of a mushroom that can be placed in its summer cottage – that’s how the neighbors will be surprised. For the mushroom stem, a mold is required. You can take a piece of linoleum or a plastic bottle. The form should be tubular; a piece of reinforcement should be placed in the middle. Concrete is poured and left to dry.

Cap mushroom is the easiest way. A hollow is dug in the sand, a burdock leaf spreads to the bottom, and the cap of the mushroom is real. The hole is poured ready concrete. After thirty minutes, you can insert a few large nails in the center of the cap into the cap. After drying, the product is taken from the mold and fixed on the ground.

The upper part of the leg of the fungus is poured with concrete and the cap of the fungus falls on it. It remains to wait a week, the mushroom will be ready for decoration and coloring. There are always a lot of flowers on the plot. For bedding fit all the materials that are at hand. Especially if the forms have a complex structure, then the flowerpots will not only please the eye, but also surprise with their masterpiece.

For the manufacture should use high-grade cement, it will give strength to the flowerbed. The solution made for pouring must be made thick. Used form is coated with oil can be used machine.

This will allow you to easily pull out the finished product. If the walls are not sufficiently thick, they can be reinforced. After pouring, the product dries within a few days. But it should dry in the shade, and not under the direct rays of the sun. After removing the pot, you need to wrap with wet sacking and cellophane for another week, this will help avoid cracks on the product. Next, drill holes to drain excess moisture. This pot can be painted with any kind of paint, stick shells and crumbs, small stones on it.

The decor – the taste of the owner. These types of flower beds will be a real decoration at any time of the year. Summarizing all the above, it should be noted that the process of pouring concrete into molds can be a great idea for creating your own business. Such a business has its advantages: Such a business can be not only an additional source of cash income, but also a major one.

Vibrotable can be made by yourself, as well as forms for concrete. It is necessary to spend money on a concrete mixer, but at first it can be rented. If you want, and it’s scary to start something new for yourself, then you can try your hand at making a small product for personal use in your own area, for example, making the same paving slabs for a path.

In the building materials market, it is in demand. After all, asphalt during hot summer throws poisonous vapors into the air, the concrete surface cracks at high winter temperatures. A paving tile allows you to replace worn parts in small areas or individually. So it is worth the risk, and suddenly it will be a matter of your life.