It often happens that we start doing something with our own hands and cannot stop. If you are one of these people, you will be interested to learn about the simple manufacture of flower pots with your own hands from concrete.

To do this, you need cement, sand and water, as well as molds, gloves, apron, scoop, sandpaper, scissors, a piece of metal or plexiglass and pliers.

Having decided on the shape of the pot, put on gloves and mix cement with sand (1: 4) in a bucket, then slowly add water. In this case, the solution can be stirred with a scoop or a stick, bringing to a consistency similar to thick sour cream.

Fill the large mold with a mixture not to the brim, wait until the solution fills all voids in the mold and does not settle, and then place a smaller mold in it. At the same time it is not necessary to place it right in the center, so your pot will even look more original.

Remove excess solution, put a metal plate on the form surface and turn the pot over it. Then level the bottom of the future pot and let it dry for at least a day, then pull out the inner small form from it with the help of pliers. Then sand the edges to give a more pleasant look and leave to dry for another two days.

Now you can paint it, or leave it as it is and now you have the opportunity to limit your imagination without limit.

After drill a hole in the bottom of the pot and plant any flower to your discretion and taste. Your miracle pot, which has a large number of advantages, is ready!