1. Chair with concrete seat

The author of this lesson notes that the total cost of the chair is only $ 5. At the same time, you get a unique item that will last you for a very long time. This chair will delight you for a long time. Detailed instructions with a photo of each stage are available on the website of the author.

2. Openwork candlesticks

This lesson was posted on the site in 2012, but it will never go out of fashion while you have candles in your house. You can make beautiful openwork candlesticks quickly and simply. You can see the lesson on the website of the author.

3. Concrete flower vase

And again, a rather old lesson. From a simple bottle for drinking water we make a unique flower vase, or a pot for plants that do not need drainage. Subsequently, the vase can be decorated to your taste, or covered with paint. The lesson will find here.

4. Concrete Candle Holders

Very familiar lesson telling how to make simple and neat candlesticks from concrete. No need to complicate anything. You only need plastic cups, cement, water and a stick for stirring. Watch the lesson.

5. Concrete lamp

Another crafts, which does not take you much time, but can bring into your home a new item made with your own hands. The main ingredients are water, cement, two plastic bottles, a wire and a light bulb. Watch the video and read the description.

6. Concrete Door Stoppers

Another example of how a little ingenuity can help decorate your home. Make your unique limiter for the door of concrete and rope. A very simple example that looks amazing. See how simple it is.

7. Concrete Fire Pit

At the end of the list was one of the most interesting ideas. Combine fire and cement – what could be better ?! Safe, beautiful and unusual. Surprise your guests. See the full example here.

The most difficult thing in creating the decor for the master classes proposed above is to find some mixture for high-strength concrete. You can borrow it from friends who are making repairs, or look for concrete mixes for decorative works.