Concrete as a material for needlework has gained immense popularity and has already become a “trend” this year, not without reason, it is an inexpensive and fairly easy-to-use material. Why not make one of these projects? Enjoy …

How to make a flower pot of concrete
For this project we need a concrete mix and several containers of arbitrary shape. We place a small container into a larger one and fill it with concrete. We weight the small container, thereby preserving the shape of the future pot.

Original concrete table

Concrete alphabet do it yourself
In this project, the author experimented with the colors of concrete, adding a dye to the mixture. In this case, we advise you to reinforce the structure so that the letter does not fall apart when falling or hitting.

Concrete Candle Holders
Unfortunately, the author did not provide a master class, but the idea is very interesting.

Vases of concrete with their own hands
We recently told how to make candles of the original form, in this case we will use concrete instead of wax.

Concrete chair do it yourself

Concrete lamp